How to Import Content from a Word Document

In order to add or update content on a WordPress website, you must have Administrator, Editor, Author or Contributor privileges.


Content can be added to a Page or a Post by either typing it directly into the content text field, or by importing it from another format. If you work primarily with documents in MS Word, be warned that the program often adds a lot of unnecessary formatting and code to your text. By following the instructions below, the extra formatting and code added by MS Word will be stripped away.

The instructions are the same whether you are working on a Page or a Post:

How to import content from a MS Word document:

  1. Log into your WordPress website
  2. Either select the Page / Post you wish to add content to or Add New
  3. The following toolbar will appear above the content editing area
    Image of content editing area toolbar
  4. If both rows do not appear, click on the ‘Show / Hide Kitchen Sink’ option
    Image of 'Kitchen Sink' icon
  5. Click on the icon for ‘Paste from Word in the second row
    Image of 'Import from Word' icon
  6. A new window will pop up. Copy & paste the content from your Word document into this window.
  7. When you are done, click ‘Insert’. The text will now appear in your content editing area stripped of the extra formatting and code added by MS Word.

Continue editing your content as you would regularly.