External Resources

This website contains information about how to use WordPress to administer your website. To find out about applying the York's Responsive (2014) Theme or the York 2011 Theme, please see their respective websites.

If you're looking for more information about your WordPress site, there are many resources available, including:

  • WordPress.org offers several useful tutorials and forums for users
  • YouTube has user generated tutorials
  • Other groups create tutorials and host them on their own sites. Try using your favourite search engine with keywords like "WordPress" and what you are trying to learn more about.

Remember: when viewing videos, the screen might look different based on which version of WordPress is being demonstrated. The information is usually valid, however, if you're more comfortable make sure you search based on the same version of WordPress as what you are using.

Reminder: UIT takes care of installing WordPress and its themes (including the customized York Theme) for you.
You are responsible for posting to and maintaining content on the website once it's set up.