Information for sites using York central WordPress

This website is no longer updated and is provided for reference purposes.

For new websites (which use the 2020 York WordPress theme), refer to the Digital Experience Hub website.

WordPress is an easy-to-use content management system that is suitable for website and blogs (which allow readers to comment on posts) at York.

With WordPress, you can publish to a website with little or no knowledge of HTML -- you simply log in, post and publish! What is best about the system, is that you no longer have to rely on someone else to update your content.

Our installs supports all of the features of WordPress including:

  • UIT-managed WordPress installation with a controlled list of WordPress plugins and themes;
  • Passport-York authentication for blog administrators;
  • An integrated user database allows users to have access to multiple blogs;
  • UIT support to help you customize a York-branded blog theme;
  • Simple version control allows you to view or restore earlier versions of posts and pages; and
  • Generation of RSS and ATOM feeds which can “push” WordPress headlines into other websites.

WordPress can be installed on servers for the use of faculty members and departments who would like to make use of a web publishing system in a managed environment. The following webspaces are available:


(in all instances, 'mysite' is replaced by the account name.)