This website contains information about how to use WordPress to administer your website. To find out about applying the York's Responsive (2014) Theme or the York 2011 Theme, please see their respective websites.

Themes provide the 'Look & Feel' for your WordPress website.

All York websites should use the York Responsive (2014) Theme (the Theme used for this website). This Theme come pre-installed with your new WordPress website.

To go off-Theme, a website must receive special permission from Communications & Public Affairs (email). For a Theme to be considered, regardless of its Look & Feel, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Be accessible: according to Ontario law, any website at York that is publicly accessible must comply with AODA legislation;
  • Be responsive: approximately 20% of York's web traffic comes from mobile devices and all York-based websites must be made available to those visitors; and
  • Be compatible: new Themes must work with the multi-site install of WordPress used at York.

Theme requests will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

When considering whether or not to go off-theme, ask yourself about how you will maintain the theme. Will your site still be active 2 or 3 years from now? how long will you continue to use that Theme? What if the Theme is no longer compatible with the current version of WordPress?

York Themes will always be compatible with the current version of WordPress and meet the above stated guidelines and requirements.