How do I activate WordPress?

If you need a WordPress site, just fill out the Registration Form.

Is WordPress only for 'blogs' or can I use it to build a regular website?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that has been used primarily to build blogs in the past. Now it supports 'regular' (non-blog) websites as well.

What can’t I do with WordPress on yorku.ca?

You will not be able to modify WordPress code or upload your own plugins or themes -- these are primarily York-branded blogs.

Can more than one person use the system?

Yes! Multiple team members can access the content of the website via Passport York. Each person can be assigned different levels of access, depending on their role.

How can I manage users?

Please see How to Add or How to Remove Users from your site for more information.

What's the difference between a 'Page' and a 'Post'?

A WordPress 'Page' is a page that is not a part of a blog. It's like a regular webpage with static content. It doesn't expire or archive itself automatically. For example, what you're reading right now is considered a 'Page'.

A 'Post' is another term for a blog post. It can be set to expire or be archived; it can be commented on; and will appear as a part of a series of other posts, usually in chronological order.

It is possible to use either or both on one website.

How do I make my site "live"?

When your site is first created, it will be restricted to site admins only. This gives you a chance to build your site without broadcasting your work-in-progress to the world. This also prevents Google and other search engines from indexing incomplete/incorrect content. When your site is ready you can make it live by checking the appropriate option in Settings | Reading | Site Visibility. Usually, you will want to check the "Allow search engines to index this site" option. This gives you fine control over who can access your website and whether search engines will index your pages.