This website contains information about how to use WordPress to administer your website. To find out about applying the York's Responsive (2014) Theme or the York 2011 Theme, please see their respective websites.

Plugins provide additional optional functionality not available out-of-the-box from WordPress.

At York, WordPress websites  come with certain pre-installed Plugins available for any sites to use. The following is considered before a Plugin is installed on the WordPress system:

  • whether there is already a plugin in the system that does what the requested plugin does (redundancy);
  • whether the plugin works with the multi-site install of WordPress used at York; and
  • whether the plugin is secure and well maintained.

To see which Plugins are available:

  1. Log into your WordPress website
  2. Click on Plugins

All Plugins available will be listed there.

It is best to uninstall any Plugin that is not in-use. Too many Plugins installed on a website can affect functionality and make the site appear "broken". A recommended maximum number of Plugins is 12.